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Use hot towel to teach you how to use the hot towel off eight kinds of disease

Chinese medicine said, “Wen Zetong, general rule does not hurt”, with towels hot compress, in fact, is to achieve the effect of Wen tong. When hot, you should choose the clean towel soaked in hot water 40 to 45 degrees Celsius in the wring dry deposited on the diseased part, skin contact should not burn. It is better to have a clean cloth or cotton pad on the affected area. Towels are usually replaced every 5 minutes, preferably alternating. Each hot compress time 15 – 20 minutes, deposited 3 – 4 times a day. Towel hot compress common health care methods have the following eight kinds:
First, relieve eye strain.
Hot compress with towel can promote the circulation of eye blood, relieve eye fatigue, relieve dry eye symptoms partly, and improve eyesight and brain tonic.
Two, prevention of deafness.
Applying towels to the ear or gently rubbing it can improve the circulation of the ear and prevent functional deafness caused by ischemia.
Three, improve dizziness.
Put hot towel on the back of the head, every few minutes, so that it can stimulate the back of the brain acupuncture point, improve the symptoms of dizziness in some patients, but also can improve the reaction and thinking ability.
Four, treatment of stiff neck.
Slightly stiff neck available hot towel on the affected area, and with the movement of the neck. Move your head forward slowly, gently turning back, left and right.
Five, prevention and treatment of cervical spondylosis.
Early symptoms such as cervical spondylosis, stiff neck, aching pain or slight pain after a cold towel, can improve symptoms, promote blood circulation, relieve muscle spasm, prevention of cervical disease.
Six, alleviate chronic lumbar pain.
Lumbar pain with towel hot compress, can relieve local symptoms, such as the condition is serious, should go to the hospital in time.
Seven, relieve hip pain.
Buttocks muscle stiffness, accompanied by minor blunt pain, acid pain, can lie on the throat with hot compress pain areas, can relieve symptoms.
Eight, treat dysmenorrhea or cold abdominal pain.
Women dysmenorrhea or lead to abdominal pain due to a cold towel, available, can play the efficacy of removing blood stasis, Qi pain.

What about towels?

1, the Taomi Shui (first, second times) into the pot, put the towel into the boil, boil again, cook a little longer on the line. After the towel will turn white, soft, more than the original thickness, there will be a hint of fragrance.
2. Put the towel in the hot water of the washing liquid. Cook or scald for 5 minutes, then wash it thoroughly.
3, towel often wash, and every other period of time with soap, washing powder or lye boil for several minutes, can prevent hair hard. Boiling towels should be soaked, so as to avoid contact with air oxidation and reduction of small software
4, when you wash towels, put the towel into a strong soap, vinegar or water, boil a while, should be boiled when the soap bath towel. And then rinse with water, warm water in turn several times, with water hung in the ventilation. After drying, the towels will be soft again. Need to remind is that towels can not be exposed to the sun for a long time, generally hung in the ventilation Department, natural drying better
5, towel science disinfection method: first towel with boiling water for 10 minutes or so, and then wash with soap, and then wash thoroughly with water, and finally fold the towel, put into the microwave oven, heating 5 minutes.
6, the best method is to use vinegar, vinegar will be put in the 1:4 solution, the water is not much, over the towel on the line, soak for 5 minutes, then wash and rinse with clean water.

What kind of material towel, towels used for a long time hardened?

1. velvet towel
The ordinary terry towel is cut and cut, so that the surface of the fabric is covered with smooth villi. The cut towels can be cut on both sides of the fabric, either on one side or on the other. The local velvet can be formed into a pattern, and the cashmere ring can coexist and print each other. The velvet towel is characterized by its softness, comfortable use and stronger moisture absorption and softness than the ordinary towel. After cutting and printing, it can increase the decorative beauty of towels, so as to improve the grade of the products.
2 jacquard towels
A towel made of various patterns on a jacquard machine with yarns of different tissues, colors, or raw materials. The towel has complex structure, exquisite patterns and exquisite colors and changeable colors. The fiber material, yarn fineness, fabric structure and warp and weft density have a wide range of changes, and the design and weaving technology are also complex.
3 antibacterial towels
With a clean towel antibacterial and special antibacterial factor of cotton yarn or after silver antimicrobial agent treatment towel has good inhibitory effect on Candida albicans, Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli, washed 100 times sterilization performance could reach 94 ~ 98%. Even in the humid warm conditions, this towel will not mildew, smell, and at the same time, anti mite, antibacterial effect, is a new type of health care towels.
4, non twist yarn towel
The non twist yarn towel uses the processing method of equal twist yarn of cotton yarn and plied yarn, weaves the embryo towel, and then uses the dyeing and finishing process to dissolve the cotton and the soluble PVA yarn to PVA to produce the non twisting velvet ring. This kind of towel feels soft, like grease, and has good moisture absorption. It has the function of protecting the skin, and it is a kind of fashionable beauty towel.
5 cotton, beauty towel
Rayon woven fabric with recycled beauty towel, with smooth delicate features, fluffy and soft, moisture absorption and air permeability, the market is a very popular beauty towel. Regenerated fiber is made from natural cellulose as raw material and converted into cellulose sulfonate solution after physical and chemical methods. It not only preserves the natural fiber, natural environmental protection, moisture absorption, breathable features, in the quality of more supple, bright and clean, brighter colors. Such as viscose fiber, fiber and fiber Niudaier Modaier are usually used cotton beauty towel material.
6 、 protein fiber health towel
Protein fiber health towel refers to natural silk, soy protein, milk protein fiber and other materials woven towels. Natural silk and wool also contain 18 amino acids the same as human beings. People use it as a “skin blind date”. Soybean protein towel with soybean fiber and acrylonitrile blends into protein molecules containing hydrophilic amino and hydroxyl groups, gloss and pleasant, smooth feel, rich in flexibility, both health and beauty care products is beautiful.
7, corn fiber towel
Milk protein fiber towel using high-tech means of milk protein ingredients into the fiber, the fiber milk essence contains rich nutrition, health effects on the human body skin, and skin moisture, skin care and beauty Jiapin people.
Fibroin fiber is a kind of protein fiber extracted from silkworm chrysalis. Silk contains 18 kinds of amino acids which are the same as human skin. It has a good maintenance and moisturizing effect on the skin. The towel made of silk fibroin and polyvinyl alcohol in the pupa protein is spun and spun. It has silk luster and moisture absorption and softness of viscose. It has the functions of skin care and health care. It is also the top grade in the towel.
The corn fiber is the lactic acid produced by the fermentation of corn starch, and then synthesized into polylactic acid fiber. It is a kind of synthetic fiber which can be degraded by nature. It has high quality of asepsis, health and environment protection. The towel drape, smooth and absorbent.
8, jade fiber towel
Since ancient times, people have refined the skin with the delicate jade. The rich minerals in jade contain special trace elements, which can improve blood circulation, promote metabolism, eliminate fatigue and wake up brain. The jade is crushed to the nanometer level, added to the fiber spinning solution, the human body has a cool, comfortable and refreshing comfort, also with the elimination of fatigue, restore physical function.
9, chitin fiber towel
Chitin fiber derived from shrimp and crab in chitin, is a cationic fiber only in nature. The positive and negative bacteria are absorbed by van Edward and cause the cell membrane to break and the slurry escapes. At the same time, chitin fiber can also induce bacteria to produce chitinase, which can not only promote cell wall decomposition, but also inhibit bacterial breeding. But also can promote cell metabolism, activate cells to refine the skin, promote wound healing and reduce scar, because chitin glucosamine and lysozyme interactions produce, can activate subcutaneous mononuclear macrophage nuclear lymphocyte cells, so it can improve skin immunity, can prevent skin cancer. So chitin fiber has anti-cancer sterilization function, and without any side effects. Chitin in chitin is a good moisturizing factor, and it has the function of maintaining skin. The towel woven with it is a high energy health towel which combines antibacterial, deodorant, beautifying and skin care.
10, bamboo fiber towel
Bamboo is rich in minerals such as zinc, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, and vitamin B, which is good for human health. Bamboo utensils do not need special treatment, usage not mildew, not smelly, not corrode, have natural antibacterial effect. Such special health care function depends on the chemical substances contained in the molecular chain of bamboo which are very harmful to insect pests and bacteria – two phenyl ketone conductor. Especially with the sharp bamboo gibberellin, have inhibition to bacteria, mites, and on human skin and wrinkles

Towel washing and maintenance method

1, towels why harden?
The hair becomes rigid after using a period of time because the free calcium and magnesium ions combine with soap to produce calcium and magnesium soaps attached to the towel.
2, how to make towels soft?
After the towel hardens, may boil in the alkali water, after 10 minutes washes, generally 1.5 kilograms water adds 30 grams, the soda ash after washing may make it soften.
3, how to make the smooth towel become relaxed
Towel smooth very hate, brine can be washed, and then rinse with water, can make it fresh.
4, what kind of towel is most likely to breed bacteria?
Used towels are more bacteria, and bacteria in a certain humidity and a certain temperature can breed, and the most suitable bacteria breeding natural condition is high temperature and high humidity.
5, under what circumstances, towels are most likely to damage?
The natural condition of the towel itself, which is most susceptible to damage, is high humidity. Therefore, towels are best kept dry often.
6, how to wash towels?
Do not use hot water and excessive drying when washing towels. Wash them with neutral detergent as much as possible. When using the laundry fluid, do not pour the laundry liquid directly onto the towel. This will cause the detergent to remain on the towel and reduce its softness. The best cycle of towel washing and sterilization is one week. After washing, rinse the towel with clean water and screw dry. Dry in the air.

What about the peculiar smell of towels? How to remove towel odor?

Water with a lost son base surface, boiling water. Then sun. Disinfection, disinfection, odor removal. But after a long time, towels should be changed. “Brick home” said, towels change for one month. What a waste. Usually used up on the balcony, sun one day, no problem. UV disinfection, free of charge, good effect.
With the washing water and towel into the pot, so there will be light incense towel.
Soak the towel in white vinegar. Note: the ratio of vinegar to water is 4:1.. You can measure it in a plastic bottle. Soak it for 15 minutes and then wash it with detergent or soap.
Remove the towel smell, can use the right amount of salt scrub, blanched with hot water, then rinse with cold water, not only can make the towel to restore its original color, smell can be eliminated.
Towels are fiber fabrics, the use of a long time, deep into the fiber gap bacteria are difficult to clean, cleaning, drying, high temperature cooking, etc., only in a short period of time to control the number of bacteria, and can not permanently remove bacteria. Long term use of old towels can lead to bacterial invasion. So it’s better to change a new towel for about three months.

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